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Kundalini Intensives Thailand - Seminar 2/3

  • Yogaloft@phanganearthworks 81/2 Moo8 Seethanu Tambon Ko Pha-ngan, จ.สุราษฎร์ธานี, 84280 Thailand (map)


Reinhard Gammenthaler was born 1953 in Switzerland. During the wild and adventurous years of his youth he undertook vast trips through Europe, Arabia, Asia, North- and South-America and Africa, in search for true happiness. His quest for the deeper meaning of life was amply rewarded when he started to practice Yoga in 1979 and got in contact with his Guru Swami Dhirendra Brahmachari, an accomplished Hatha-Yogi of highest caliber, by whom he was initiated into the Tradition (Parampara) of authentic Kundalini-Yoga. He transformed into an ardent devotee of the great Shakti and spent long periods in the remote foothills of the Himalayas in the Indian part of Kashmir. There he underwent a rigorous Sadhana under the auspices of his Master, who died 1994 in a plane crash. His Guru had admonished him many times not to become a Yoga-Teacher, but a real Yogi, and so he started to teach only in the year 2002 and founded a School for traditional Hatha- or Kundalini-Yoga in his hometown Berne (Switzerland), to introduce other seekers into the intricate secrets of inner energies. 

Reinhard has since brought the rare teachings of authentic Hatha-Yoga to many practitioner in Switzerland and abroad and has been invited to teach workshops in many countries around the world. Having taught on Koh Phangan every year since 2011 he is excited to come back and practice for the sixth time with aspirants in Thailand. 


Practitioners of all levels of accomplishment are invited to join one or both of these extraordinary workshops. I had the privilege to find a teacher who initiated me into both practical and philosophical systems of Yoga and Samkhya-Philosophy, which together form a strong alliance of theoretical and empirical knowledge about the connection of our physical and mental being with the highest levels of consciousness in this universe. The practice of archaic Hatha-Yoga-Exercises enables the practitioner to experience the non-duality of physical and spiritual levels of existence by gradually awakening subtle energies in both material and astral bodies and uniting his personal consciousness with the vast potential of the unconscious within ourselves.

The subject of all three seminars is to learn in which way the intake of oxygen and prana influences the functioning of our nervous and glandular systems, creating the necessary «fire» to wake the great potential of Kundalini-Shakti, who is the union of conscious and unconscious levels within ourselves. The aspirants will have a very practical experience of how asana, mudra and bandha are used to increase the flow of electromagnetic energies within the body, enabling the practitioners to have gradual access to the first levels of Ashtanga-Yoga, leading to mystical states like beginning of Pratyahara, when the sensory organs are absorbed by feelings of inner energies, which gradually would lead into states of meditation and contemplation. I have learnt many intrinsical secrets about the traditional practice which make the practitioners have a basic understanding of how Yogis use pranic energy to vitalize the marmas in the body, creating a flow of energy through nerves and nadis and uniting the basic opposite life-energies prana and apana to create the «gastric fire», basis of awakening Kundalini in Muladhara-Chakra. The practitioners will learn many subtle techniques how kumbhaka and bandha is combined with different poses and exercises to start a safe journey to the peaks of mystical and ancient Hatha-Yoga.

The three seminars offer the opportunity to get a step-by-step introduction into practical and philosophical aspects of genuine Yoga. As Yoga is a science which has to be learnt and mastered step by step, so the seminars will be like three little islands in the vast ocean of time, where the practitioners can enjoy a timeless practice, dive deep into the pool of their own unconsciousness and feel the arousal of inner energies by slowing down the activities of metabolism and mind. 

It is possible to join seminar 1 or 2 or 3 only, or participate in two or all three of them. Participants will learn that by doing steady and regular practice the progressive increase of energy-levels within is accomplished. The longer and steadier the practice, the more the vital power at the base of the spine is kindled and the stronger and deeper the experience of the mysticism of our body and mind takes place.

Price: 300 EUR for 1 week  //  560 EUR for 2 weeks  //  780 EUR for all 3 weeks