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(20 – 21 July 2013)
Sharing: EUR 650 pp | Singles: EUR 700 pp

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Introduction to Erotic Tantra – the Yoga of Intimacy

Consecrated to the study of sacred eroticism this weekend workshop explores the connection between sexuality and spirituality from the standpoint of traditional Hindu and Tibetan Tantra. The esoteric teachings, aimed toward addressing concerns of the tantric beginner practitioner, are presented in a coherent, step-by-step approach.

Departing from our culturally inherited sex- and body-negative attitude, participants will obtain a clear understanding on how authentic tantric practitioners understand, harness, and utilize the creative force to further their personal and spiritual evolution. The basic mechanism at work is as follows: When the erotic energy of the body is properly channeled, the body-mind's vibrational rate is augmented to the point where we are bodily attuned to the vibration (spanda) of higher levels of existence. During such moments of attunement, genuine spiritual breakthroughs can and do occur.

The mysteries and secrets of spiritual eroticism are explained in conjunction with relevant information from Yoga, Taoism, and alchemy. Attendees will gain an understanding of the evolutionary and spiritual potential of human sexuality and sexual relationships, the polarity, transmutation, and sublimation of energy, sexual healing, transfiguration, modern sexology, and retention, control, and development of orgasm.

Hatha Yoga practice and meditations relevant to erotic Tantra, as well as practical exemplifications and interactive exercises of a non-sexual nature form part of the teachings. The course is initiatic in nature, and students will be introduced to a lot of rare, hard-to-find information, in a most coherent and easy to understand way. The course keeps a commitment to a clear and elevated level of communication, but there are no explicit presentations or nudity whatsoever. A highly respectful atmosphere prevails throughout the course. Both couples and individuals may attend, and no prior knowledge of Yoga or Tantra is required.

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This Weekend Seminar Package includes:

  The workshop itself, consisting of approximately 7 hours of teachings on each day
  2 nights accommodation (check-in Friday 19 July, departure and check-out Sunday 21 July in the evening)
  Full board – 3 wholesome, healthy, organic spa cuisine meals daily
  Drinking water, herbal teas, (all beverges included, with the exception of wine, champagne & spirits)

yab yum
Unlike ordinary couples, Samvara and consort are not to be thought of as two different entities.
In reality, their divine embrace is a metaphor for the union of great bliss and emptiness, which
are of one and the same essence.